Laura Niubó ≈ 
Los Angeles 2017.

I am an art director, a designer and an artist.I have lived and worked in Barcelona, Paris, London and L.A., on local and worldwide brands, in digital and analog, in print and TV.I have been part of Apple and Media Arts Lab, Ogilvy & Mather Paris, Louis Vuitton, Cult, Diamant, Tony Kelly, Midnight to Monaco, Conservation International, and others.I develop concepts from ideas and experiences. From imagination and reality.I see the world through a colorful lens, and this is how I conceive of each creation. I draw inspiration from all forms of art. From nature. From the past, present and future.I am moved by people who love what they do, as I do. I believe that with patience, perseverance and optimism, there is no limit to what we can achieve.I like to dream and to be present. I like improvisation and order. Noise and silence. Dawn and dusk. I am a neon and a candle. Red and blue. Adrenaline and calm. I am a nomad and a homebody. I am energized by busy cities and serenaded by boatless oceans. I laugh and cry. I feel and touch.I will keep fighting for what I want, and keep enjoying spontaneity.I want to think that anything is possible and I want to do the impossible with whatever I have in hand right now.


Bronze Clio Awards
Gold Cannes Lions Advertising Festival
D&DA Wood Pencil


The Ace Hotel, Los Angeles, CA
Miami Art Box, Miami, FL
The Billboard Creative Project, Los Angeles, CA
L.A. Cinco, Los Angeles, CA
Pershing Square Renew Event at the Palace Theater, Los Angeles, CA
L.A. Art Walk, Los Angeles, CA
Elephant Gallery, London, U.K.
The Red Gallery, London, U.K.
Once Upon A Wintertime Festival, Hackney Dawns Studio, London, U.K.
XVIII Palma de Mallorca Arts Night Festival, Mallorca, Spain